Stump Removal and Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, it is advisable to have the tree stumps removed as well. When left unattended, stumps can cause a lot of problems and are  a serious hazard. The rotting stumps become a breeding place for pests and diseases, which can affect other plans. The infestations of insects can also affect your property and the comfort of your loved ones. A good number of tree care companies avoid removing stumps due to the complexity of the process. If you need stump removal and grinding McAllen, TX, we are here to serve you. We have different methods to use, with stump grinding being the best.

We will successfully remove the stumps and prevent any chances of regrowth. We have powerful grinders that can be used for any size of the stump. If the stump is located near power lines, buildings, waterways, or other structures, contact us. Our experts know how to go about the process and will ensure that the stumps are removed without causing any problems. Over the years, we have carried out several or some stump removals for commercial and residential clients. We are fast and efficient and will ensure that your safety is not compromised in any way. Our experts are knowledgeable and we are the removers you can trust with your stumps.

Professional Stump Grinding

There are several or some options that are marketed as effective ways of removing stumps. This includes the process of using chemicals and also digging out the stumps. In some cases, leaving the fate of the stumps to nature also appears to be a cheaper option. However, the most effective way is through stump grinding. This is fast and every limb of the trees will be ground to sawdust. We will leave no traces of the tree as we take the stump below the ground level. Once we are done, we will clean up the area and fill up the hole with soil. The sawdust can be used as mulch.

If you are tired of having the ugly and annoying stumps on your property, give us a call. We will help you through grinding all the stumps and the roots. We are a responsible company and as such, we will clean up once you are done. You do not need to worry about cleaning and hauling away the debris from the process. We are the right company and we will have our arborists taking charge of the process to ensure that the work is done properly. You can expect quality workmanship from our experts and our rates are quite affordable for all.

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Do you have stumps on your property that you have been waiting for to decay and rot? The best solution is to take action right away and have our experts remove the stumps. We are the leading tree care company in McAllen and we are committed to giving you’re the best stump removal and grinding services. Contact us today and get a free estimate.